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The programming of the pulsatory vesicle working
Mihai Romulus Popescu, Alin Gabriel Popescu, Dumitru Gh Popescu

Last modified: 2012-09-10


In this paper, we have considered the problem of the pulsatory lipid vesicle. In certain conditions, the vesicle swelling start again and its the evolution of a lipid vesicle under positive osmotic stress may  be a cyclic process. We have named it as a pulsatory lipid vesicle. The length time of each cycle increases with the rank of the cycle. Also, it is very important for biotechnological applications to know more about the solute amount delivered during each cycle.

The pulsatory liposome may be regarded as a two stroke engine using the osmotic solute as a fuel. It is energized initial by establishment of transmembrane gradient of osmotic solute. The osmotic solute plays the role of fuel, which is consumed due to its deliver in external medium. But the consumed fuel is usefulness material for biotechnological applications.  The aim of this paper is to programming this biomicroengine. This in equivalent to the endowing of the lipid vesicle with intelligent properties.


Pulsatory liposome; biomicroengine; working programming